Stop Commuting, Start A Online Business Today

The other day I had jury duty. I don’t mind the jury duty, but what I do mind is driving into downtown Dallas, fighting the traffic, inching along, wasting my time waiting in line.

Ugh, I hate it. I’m not sure how people do that. Whether you have a 1 hour commute or a 15 minute commute, maybe it’s time to get serious about getting your MLM business going so you can commute about 10 seconds down the hallway.

And, once you’ve done some work, step outside and enjoy a little sunshine (we have plenty of sunshine here in Dallas). Your home-based business deserves your full energy and attention if you’re ever going to be able to give up the commute.

And yes, that is really me... texting my downline.
And yes, that is really me… texting my downline.

If you want to get started in a online business, this article is perfect for you. No matter what the reason you have is (being able to work from home, being able to set your own hours, or anything else), you will find great and useful tips on how to make your work from home business a success.

In order to make a home based business successful, your business must be found in the Google search results. Search engine optimization is key in succeeding in today’s business world. Many different companies offer tools for search engine optimization, and it is imperative that you employ a few different strategies in order to obtain success.

Residual income is key no matter what way you look at running a home based business. If you have customers who pay bills on a residual basis then you want to do everything in your power to retain those customers. If you need customers to return to your business, then you need to focus on customer satisfaction. Residual income and repeat customers are a main focus.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying every home business enterprise book you see. There is a wealth of information available for free, and spending so much money is not a good business plan. Of course, you can buy a few things that you feel will help you learn, but set a limit on how much you will spend on learning materials.

If your home business enterprise entails ingredients or supplies, try to purchase them in bulk from a wholesaler. Buying your supplies at wholesale prices will reduce your overhead, which should increase your profit. When you buy wholesale you may even be able to lower your prices for promotional sales, while still making a nice profit.

Make it easy for customers and retailers to get in touch with you. Use your business website as your email address and give it out to everyone. This helps keep your business name out there to be seen. Place your business email address on every piece of correspondence. Include it on your business cards and stationery. On your website, add a link to your email address on every single page to help customers contact you faster.

Opening and maintaining a new network marketing business can be incredibly time consuming. Because of this it is essential that you don’t let your social life fall by the wayside. Remember to set aside at least one entire day per week to relax, and try to go grab a beer with friends at least a few times per month.

You should have a website that really promotes your product if you are interested in starting a home based business. Many people cannot afford to start their business in a brick and mortar establishment. Starting a home based business through the Internet is a great way to make a larger profit because you will not have to lease a space for your business.

Take the time to explore different options before finally deciding on which business to go with. Focus on market trends and research the company or idea before deciding to go with it. The internet is a great resource to find any information you need on trends and company research.

Decide if you are going to be involved in every aspect of the MLM business. When starting a new business, having a staff of full time employees might not be financially possible and many of those tasks have to be handled on your own. As the business grows and money flows in, you can think about hiring personnel to call customers, collect receivables and thousands of other tasks that a small business needs to get done.

There are so many pros to starting a home business. Once you figure out that is what you want to do, use the tips from this article to get started. It may take a while to start off, but the rewards will definitely be worth it once you are on your feet.

Sex and MLM

That may be a bit of a provocative headline, but it got you here to read, didn’t it?  I want to take just a few minutes and explore the idea as to whether sexual appeal has a place in the world of MLM.

Look at this picture below.  It has not sex appeal (unless you like feet), but it does conger up thoughts as to what is happening in this image.


Or, if you take a look at our previous blog post, there are a couple of photos of Giada de Laurentis. Seriously, go take a look at that blog post, then come back here and answer these 3 questions:

  1. Where did your eyes go on picture #1, picture #2?
  2. Where did your eyes go next on both pictures?
  3. Did it cause you to read some of the surrounding text to see what this article was actually about?

You see, if you are like 96% of the people who looked at the two photos at that blog post (if you haven’t looked at the post, click that link above and go see it), then here is what happened for picture #1:

  • you first looked at her cleavage, then her smile, and back to her cleavage. Then, you read the paragraph immediately following that photo.

Here is what happened when you looked at picture #2

  • your eyes went up and down her bare legs, then looked at her smile, and then again, you look at the paragraph right below the photo.

One interesting note – the percentage is the same for both men and women. Women checked out her cleavage and legs first too.

So, what part does sex have to do with MLM?  Well, nothing really. And yet, quite a lot!

If that had been someone totally nude, it would have been a HUGE turn off. HUGE!! It would offend both men and women. But, Giada is very classy, and her sex appeal is natural. She could be in jeans and a t-shirt, and people would still glance at her chest, and then her smile. She’s classy.

Contrast that to a frumpy, dirty, bland, leathery skin, and unkempt woman… people tend to look at the face and click the back button.

The Application

People are attracted to bright, beautiful, sexy, colorful and fun. People are turned off by bland, generic, boring, grey scale, and lack of innovation.

So, how does your company stack up? How does the packaging of your products stack up? Are you turning people off before you even get to speak? Are they hitting the back button as fast as they can? Or, are they staring, gazing, doing double takes, and lingering around to read more?

Hmmm…. so sex does NOT have a place in MLM. I believe that. But, the lessons we can learn from sex appeal… something worth thinking about.

Giada and Network Marketing

I’m not sure if you watch the Food Network or not, but I do occasionally. One such reason to stop by is to get an eye full of Giada de Laurentis.

One thing I have noticed over the years since I have been watching her is that other women are so highly critical of her. Her teeth are too big. Her boobs are too big. There is too much cleavage showing. She smiles too much. She speaks English too properly. Her shirts are too low cut. She it too thin.

Giada and MLM

On the other hand, men tend to say, I like Giada. She is kind. She is beautiful. I would be more interested in cooking if she was my teacher. I’m not sure what she was cooking because I couldn’t keep my eyes on the food.

It goes on and on and on.  But, here’s the facts on Giada that you may not know, beyond just seeing an attractive cook on TV:

  • She was born in Italy.
  • She is currently 43 years old (looks better than most women half her age)
  • Graduate of UCLA
  • Studied at Le Cordon Bleu (the best culinary school in the world)
  • Chef at 2 of LA’s top restaurants (Ritz Carlton and Wolfgang Pucks)
  • Started a prestigious catering business attracting such clients as Ron Howard
  • Author and cookware designer
  • In the Culinary Hall of Fame

Her credentials go far and above many of the other cooks on TV.

So, what does Giada have to do with Network Marketing?

Well, actually not much… hee hee! I just wanted photos of her on my blog.


Actually there is something to be learned here, and this isn’t a stretch for me, just so I could have some cleavage on the blog.

  • We all judge.
  • We show favoritism.
  • We are jealous.
  • We all put down to lift ourselves up.
  • We all feel small in the presence of others that we feel are better than us.
  • We gaulk and we drool over others.

This list could go on and on, but you get the point, and Giada is a perfect example of how we perceive others.  Here’s my point:

Stop the judging and jealousy. People are people. Everyone deserves respect because they are a creation of God and need to be treated as such. Stop showing favoritism and treat others with respect, while honoring them for their accomplishments.

And… if you’re a guy… keep your eyes focused on the person face. And, if you’re a girl, keep your eyes focused on the person’s face and stop being jealous :-)

In the end… you’ll have more fun and not be some sour, bitter person.

Top 10 Network Marketing Success Quotes

These are many of the quotes I keep by my desk to keep my focused, motivated, inspired, and on target. It might be a good idea to print out this blog post for the same reason.


“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” – William Murray

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” – Les Brown

“As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.” – Donald Trump

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar


“No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.” — Brian Tracy

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all.” – Dale Carnegie

“The successful networkers I know, the ones receiving tons of referrals and feeling truly happy about themselves, continually put the other person’s needs ahead of their own.” -Bob Burg

“Win with your heart, not your head – win on emotion, not in logic; have a passion about what you do; nobody wants a boss , everybody wants a coach.” -Art Williams

“Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better.” –Jim Rohn

“You will meet people who believe all network marketing opportunities are pyramid schemes. Why spend all your time trying to convince them otherwise when there are legions of people who are open to what you have?” -Randy Gage

And, one bonus quote:

“The question we should be asking. Would I want to be sponsored by me?” — Jeff Olson

MLM – Should You Do It or Not?

You have seen all the new network marketing businesses on the web if you have an interest in it. If you’re familiar with the industry, then you know most people simply give up because it’s not easy money at all. There have been so many abuses in this industry that people generally think it’s all a big scam no matter what. A business must have something to sell at a reasonable price, and many offer products that are way over-priced. You can succeed with this business model, but you better know the truth about everything and then decide.

Home Based Business

One of the reasons so many fail with online business is they are not willing to develop their internal game and the same applies to network marketing. One thing about this is it takes a serious commitment to a lot of things and you must have patience. One thing so many have a tough time with is talking to people, and it can be intimidating if you’re not confident. What can be discouraging about this is there really is a small percentage of people who are cut out for this business.

If you’re not completely sure what MLM is, let me give you some advice… don’t do a search for it. You will be blasted from every side with everyone’s opinion. Go to more of a neutral 3rd party source. For example, here is an article at Wikipedia that is pretty good – – It’s not the worlds greatest article, but that will get you a head start so you can get an idea before being influenced by others.

Some recruiters will tell you not to think too much about it, and there is some wisdom in that but thinking critically and intelligently really is the best approach. In most cases, network marketers will tell you to go to your warm market when you first start out. For several reasons, this is not the best approach for you to take. Your warm market consists of your friends, co-workers, and family. They will more than likely be disinterested in what you have to say.

When people do this, they actually can alienate these people from their lives. An alternative strategy is to become successful first and ignoring them. Your success will be motivation for them to look at what you are doing. It gives you credibility in their eyes.

Despite people’s mis-perception of network marketing, you should understand this is not a hobby at all. You’re 100% commitment to this business is what will make you a success. It is important that you have a business model, and that you stick to a budget when just starting out. Therefore, if you have the budget, and a solid plan of action, make sure you execute them every day never deviating from your goals. Instead of paying cash, many people charge everything on their card when they start out.

This usually does not end well. Training is required every month if you want to succeed, but be realistic with how much you do. If you’re going to buy anything, make sure it is high-quality. Also attend local meetings whenever they come up. If you are wondering if network marketing works, yes it does and real money is possible.

You can’t keep learning and do nothing, and the most important activity for you is lead generation. This is a tough way to make money, and it lends itself to those with good communication skills.

3 Big Time Truths About Network Marketing

Network marketing can be a lucrative venture if you are able to be totally dedicated because the attrition rate in this industry, also known as MLM, has always been very high. Once you join and get started, you will soon enough discover your own deficiencies. You simply cannot allow all the times people will not be interested to bother you.

Success From HomeForget about hitting-up your friends and family for this despite what anyone tells you – go for lead generation and closing them. Here are three excellent suggestions to get you started, but you’ll soon see this is merely just a taste.

People that do IM understand that targeted traffic can help them make sales. The same is true for network marketing. Remember that in network marketing, you are going to have to face people, not just send them an e-mail or an offer. When you do stuff on the Internet, your relationships are not as strong, so don’t do that much work there.

Typically, you are spared face-to-face contact with prospects on the Internet which is why many people go this direction. What you want to do is contact people in your area. This is going to provide you with the best results. By pre-selling to these individuals, and offering your business as a solution to their problems, you will go far. You need to tell people straightaway but they need to do. This is your first course of action with your prospects.

Normally, network marketers will encourage you to approach your warm market initially. Although this is your call, you should stay away from your warm market if at all possible. If you didn’t know, your warm market is actually made up of your family, co-workers and friends. They will more than likely be disinterested in what you have to say.

These individuals will shun you, ignore you because they think you are trying to pressure them. An alternative strategy is to become successful first and ignoring them. Then, when they see what you have done, they’ll come to you and you will have credibility.

If you have heard someone tell you network marketing is a weekend activity that requires little work, don’t believe them. You’re 100% commitment to this business is what will make you a success. It is important that you have a business model, and that you stick to a budget when just starting out.

You basically need to follow your plan of action, and stay within your budget if you want to make this work. Instead of paying cash, many people charge everything on their card when they start out. This usually does not end well. Realistic and reasonable amounts of training every month are also necessary.

Purchasing high-quality training modules, and attending local meetings, will help you succeed. Lots of people earn very good money with network marketing, and you have to be patient to make that happen. You must keep leads coming in all the time because this is a numbers game. Also, invest in your own business by showing those whom you recruit how to make this work – and tell them the hard truth before taking their money.

Become A Raging Success At Network Marketing

Most network marketing recruiters sell the business and the money you can make. If you’ve never worked in this business, then you have to be prepared for what it’s really like – and it’s a tough egg to crack for most people. This business is strictly about numbers plus training the people you recruit so they can get into some money as quickly as they can. Aside from choosing a good network marketing business to join, know what is most important to work on and tackle it hard every single day.

MLM LeadsIf you’re the least bit curious about the industry and what it can do, then learn about it and know all the challenges. This is definitely not a get rich quick business model no matter what you have read on the net. You’ll need to be able to go into permanent lead generation mode and know how to broach the subject with strangers. You need to invest your time in high-value tasks such as lead generation, but marketing is the single most important activity and learning how to find the right people and close them. Some recruiters will tell you not to think too much about it, and there is some wisdom in that but thinking critically and intelligently really is the best approach.

One of the things you MUST realize is that if you are going to be a success in network marketing, and not just “a success,” but a RAGING SUCCESS, then listen up – you must, you must, you must get good at using MLM Leads in your business. You must learn to call them, dial them, talk with them, and followup. I’ve gotten my leads over at National Leads, but you can find them where you want.  The thing is… your warm market will run out sooner or later. The sooner you get good at leads, the closer you are to finding success.

Across-the-board, network marketers will always tell you to talk to your warm market first. Although this is your call, you should stay away from your warm market if at all possible. Your warm market consists of your friends, co-workers, and family. Typically, they will have no interest in what it is you have to offer. They will probably avoid talking with you if you pressure them to much. What you want to do, instead, is become successful before approaching them with anything. Then, when they see what you have done, they’ll come to you and you will have credibility.

If you want an edge in network marketing, then go inside and find your positive thinking. The reason is being negative will drag you down so hard which makes it nearly impossible to go on. This is a lot like recruiting business partners, and you don’t want someone who is a real drag on the emotions of others. You will also need to impress upon those you recruit into your business the same things you’re reading right now. If you struggle with being positive, then commit to changing it and see what happens.

After you join your network marketing business of choice, then waste no time with it and get to work. Many people have experience in this business. Learn as much as you can, every day, from these individuals. After learning from these individuals, if you are not positive about what they do, figure something else out on your own. You’re going to take some hard knocks. People will say “no”. You just have to keep fighting if you want to succeed.

MLM Isn’t For The Faint of Heart

Some folks promoting a network marketing business will be straight about the facts but many will not or they’ll downplay it. It’s far better to go into this knowing the lay of the land so you know what you’re facing. This business is strictly about numbers plus training the people you recruit so they can get into some money as quickly as they can. Unless you’re a real go-getter, it will take some time before you are where you want to be, financially speaking.

MLMWhat is interesting about this industry is you can develop business skills that can be applied to many other areas. First, you must be willing to work every day and be all right with rejection because it’s very high. Of course it helps to create goals, but you may blow right through them without meeting them.

What can be discouraging about this is there really is a small percentage of people who are cut out for this business. Never go for quantity with your leads, you want quality which means people like yourself. What usually happens in this business is people are only told about what is possible and not how difficult it is. If you are not a people person, you can still succeed if you can learn to accept that you have to deal with people. There’s lots of uncertainty and you need to hustle every day to get leads, and that is just one facet of network marketing.

Most people cannot survive the harsh reality of this business, and a smart move on your part is to train and develop your mindset for what is down the road. There really are easier ways to make money that are less personal, and you must be ready for the difficulties that are inherent in network marketing.

Some networking marketing businesses are more credible and honest than others, and in fact, many of what you’ll find on the net are just pyramid schemes and nothing more. So, you can hunt for leads both offline and online, but it will take a little while to get up to speed and everything in place.

What so many businesses do for their members is give them a site to use, and you can use that but think about making your own blog. This is not hard to do at all, and you will be in a stronger position to market yourself and the business you are promoting.

You will always need to engage in old fashioned principles when you are doing network marketing. You can and should leverage technology because it can amplify your efforts. See what your recruiter and upline have to offer in terms of using the web for your business.